Honeybees for sale in Texas Honeybees for sale in Texas
  •            All queens are young, mated and good laying pattern

           We will put a nuc. in your deep hive  $300.00 or a package in your hive  $270.00 

           We will also deliver and setup. Ask for cost, give address
Our bees are Carniolan and Italian mated Queens, Mite Tolerant. With this bee you get the best of both worlds.
     #1 Package bees, about 3 pounds, a few thousand bees. Package of bees with a young mated queen will be in a                nuc box with one frame with some honey on it. Queen will not be in a cage. $260.00  

      #2   Four frame lg. deep Langstroth established nucs with division feeder.
   These nucs come in a nuc box with four frames of brood, eggs, pollen and honey, working on the fourth frame. One new young good pattern laying queen and about 3 pounds of bees, a few thousand bees. You don't have to introduce the queen, you have frames with a few thousand brood and some honey frame. You just take the four frames and bees, put them in a hive with more frames. You can have a strong 8-10 frame colony in about 1-3 months depending on the honey flow and have to add a honey super. Four frame nuc with division feeder.  $275.00   

      #3 All established colonies in new # 1 lg.10 frame deep Langstroth hive with division feeder   4 older but good frames. Complete lg. 10 frame deep hive with about 3 pounds of bees, a few thousand bees and a young good pattern laying queen. Includes 4 frames of honey, brood, eggs, pollen, working on the forth. These can be a strong 8-10 frame colony in about 1-3 months depending on the honey flow and you will have to add a honey super. Includes one lg. brood body box, reducer, bottom board with landing board, inner and outer covers. Outer covers are metal covered on the top. With 4 frame nuc in new hive.  $445.00       With deep super, frames & foundations $530.00 
       All colonies with screened inner cover $30.00 extra. You must request screened inner cover. 
       All colonies with screened bottom board $50.00 extra. You must request screened bottom board    

     #4   Complete starter kit with one 4-5 frame nuc of bees and everything you need in a new hive and one large super.
 Includes, Starter beekeeper kit, Economy Hooded full body bee Suit, Gloves, Smoker, Bee Brush, Hive Tool, 1/2 lb. Smoker fuel. $680.00  NOTE, ALL THESE ESTABLISHED COLONIES ARE IN NEW 10 FRAME Langstroth HIVE BODY BOXES (NOTE, THIS IS WHAT A LOT OF PEOPLE START WITH.) Four frames established nuc in new hive with 1 deep lg. brood box and 1 lg. deep honey super and a starter beekeeper kit, you're in bee keeping for total $680.00

Full strength hive prices below.
 Our bees are Carniolan and Italian mated Queens, Mite Tolerant. With this bee you get the best of both worlds.      We work every year to give you the best bee. Carniolan is favored among beekeepers for several reasons, not the least being its ability to defend itself successfully against insect pests while at the same time being extremely gentle in its behavior toward beekeepers. These bees particularly adept at adjusting worker population to nectar availability. It relies on these rapid adjustments of population levels to rapidly expand worker bee populations after nectar becomes available in the spring and again to rapidly cut off brood production when nectar ceases to be available in quantity. It meets periods of high nectar with high worker populations and consequently stores large quantities of honey and pollen during those periods. They are resistant to some diseases and parasites that can debilitate hives of other subspecies.                            
                Italian from the commercial and breeding point of view lies in a happy synthesis of a great number of good characteristics. Among these we must mention industry, gentleness, fertility, reluctance to swarm, zeal for building comb, white honey-cappings, a willingness to enter supers, cleanliness, resistance to disease, and the tendency to collect flower honey rather than honey dew. In one other characteristic has proved exceptional and that is in her resistance to Acarine. They are chemical free, no big problem with any diseases or pests like varroa mites, very very little CCD. They build up fast in the spring, are very good honey producers, gentle and are low swarm. Our bees varies in color from light to dark but most are medium in color. We work every year to give you the best bee.
            WE DO NOT SHIP ANY BEES, pickup only.  

           Seven to eight frame full strength established nuc ready for a second box in new hive. and 1 lg. deep honey super Reg. $750.00           

        Seven to eight frame full strength established nuc ready for a second box in new hive and 2 lg. deep honey supers Reg. $835.00

         Seven to eight frame full strength established nuc ready for a second box in new hive and  3 lg. deep honey supers Reg. $920.00

         All supers come with 10 wood frames and plastic Rite- Cell foundations. All honey supers are new # 1. Supers are not on the hive brood box at pickup. All colony hive brood and super boxes are 10 frames.

         With the order of one of our colonies, nucs or package you can get our beekeepers starter kit on hives and equipment page for $170.00 Sale $130.00

         All 4 frame nucs, nucs in hive and packages. You must feed for about 4 weeks or all summer would be best. It will help them grow much better.  Please note new beekeepers, you will need something to set your hive on, two or four concrete blocks will work good.

         All  bees, nucs, packages and colonies must be picked up. NOTE, YOU CAN'T PUT BEES IN YOUR TRUNK WITHOUT SEAT DOWN FOR COOLING.  We are about 60 miles north of Houston Texas. No personal or business checks on pickup. We do need a non-refundable deposit on all orders unless we are unable to fill the order. You can mail a personal check, cashiers check or money order for deposit.

         PLEASE NOTE, Because we have to close up the bees and get them ready for pickup, anyone who don't pickup their order on date without notice will be charged a new date pickup charge of $20.00 for each nuc, package or colony. Only one new pickup date will be given.

         $20.00 deposit for each item or more if you want. All deposit checks payable to John Elder

                  We know bees Guarantee. 
           When you pick up bees. If you have a mated queen you have fresh eggs, so if you can't find your queen and have fresh eggs then you have a queen. If you don't have a queen you will have capped queen cells. 
           NOTE. Bees are not easy to raise. We are not responsible for any bees you lose. We only guarantee our nucs and colonies to have no wax moth and SHB worms within 2 days after you pick them up. You must return them within 24 Hrs. 
PESTS to mostly watch for, Ants, wax moth, small hive beetles and varroa mites. Set your bees up in some mid day shade and don't let your bees get hot on the way home or you could lose them. NOTE, YOU CAN'T PUT BEES IN YOUR TRUNK WITHOUT SEAT DOWN FOR COOLING. When putting bees in your hive make sure you don't roll and kill the queen. 
          Beetles alone don't destroy a colony unless a female gets in and lays eggs, then most hatch in 3 days and the hive will be full of larvae worms. If you keep your colony strong the bees will keep the beetles under control. What makes the bees weak where they can't keep beetles under control are mites or the hive in to much sun and they are to busy cooling or to much water around and the hive stays damp. Bees must keep their hive cool and dry. All colonies in the south has beetles and varroa mites. If the bees don't keep mites under control then you must treat for mites. Bees are not easy to raise and most new bee keepers make mistakes. If bees are to busy taking care of one problem and can't take care of all you may lose it. links that may help. 







Some smells drive honey bees away and make them leave their hive. 

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Packages at # 1 
Nucs. # 2
Colonies # 3
This is what most people start with. Complete starter kit & Colonie # 4
We are taking orders for pick up April & May 2024 in the Morning 8 -10 am. We will give you a pickup date on a weekend, please request one. Please make sure your e-mail is correct. 
 Pick up at 18 Gold Leaf Lane New Waverly, TX. 77358 Please don't call for information or to place an order. We don't answer the phones. Markus 936-581-9834 John 936-435-4051
NOTE, we deliver to Beaumont TX. in May at a pickup point. 1 nuc, package or colony $50.00 for the 1st. one. Two or more $30.00 each extra. 
We take pride in our business to give you the best bees in the country for great honey production, low swarm rate, chemical free, very very little CCD and the bees are gentle. 
We been in business 15 years. ​
Click on contact us above to place your order, give me your name, phone number and what you want. Thanks 936-581-9834 Markus 936-435-4051 John. Please if possible don't text or call. We are very busy and don't man our phones.