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                              We ship everything except bees,bee nucs and bee hives.

Ten lg. deep frame #2 hive. Includes, 1 lg. deep brood body box, bottom board with landing board, reducer, inner and outer covers #2 Hives painted , 10 large wood frames,plastic foundations. Outer tops are metal covered. $120.00

Large deep super #2, painted assembled, 10 wood frames and plastic foundations.

Wood lg. deep frames with plastic foundations, assembled $3.70 each

Large deep super box #2 assembled, painted. $25.00 each

Pro division Feeder With Cap & Ladder, 1 gallon $10.00. Division feeder $7.00
8 Frame Top Feeder w/Painted Super, 10 Frame Top Feeder w/Painted Super
Plastic Queen excluder,10 frame . $6.00
Metal queen excluder 8 and 10 frame, $8.00
New 2 And 3 frame extractors is an extraordinary value and the perfect size for the beginning beekeeper.They are constructed of a heavy food grade plastic or steel with a steel shaft, honey gate and a lid. Our durable handle is made of steel and plastic. Extract 2 or 3 frames of any size at a time. 2 frame $250.00, 3 frame $295.00 or special price with bee colony with hive 2 frame $235.00, 3 frame $280.00

Uncapping Scratchier $9.00

Economy Hooded bee Suit and Jacket for backyard beekeepers on a budget. The lighter weight fabric of these suits will keep you cooler in hot weather while you enjoy the double layer self-supported hood. This imported suit is perfect for any beekeeper who does not require the more rugged Honey Maker® Suit. 60% cotton 40% polyester blend.Suit hooded veil $110.00, Jacket hooded veil $86.00

Comfortable lightweight Deluxe Bee Suit
Without Veil  $85.00
Suit Chest Measurements
Small 38" - 40" (96.52 - 101.60 cm)
Medium 42" - 44" (106.68 - 111.76 cm)
Large 46" - 48" (116.84 - 121.92 cm)
XLarge  50" - 52" (127.00 - 132.08 cm)
XXLarge  54" - 56" (137.16 - 142.24 cm)

Alexander Veil $26.00
Similar to the round veil, except Alexander veil has cloth top and is to be used without a helmet. Some prefer to wear a baseball cap. Cloth binding.

Cowhide Leather Gloves.$17.00
Small Meyer Gloves
Medium Meyer Glove
Large Meyer Gloves
X Large Meyer Gloves
XX Large Meyer Gloves

Smoker 4" X 7" (10.16 cm x 17.8 cm) Stainless Dome Top With Guard:
•Sturdy stainless steel construction
•Replaceable Pro-Bellow $38.00                                                               $34.00

Bee Brush The Bee Brush gently removes bees away from frames, supers and clothing. Its long, soft, flexible bristles will not injure or crush the bees. A must have when inspecting hives or harvesting !$7.00

9" (22.86 cm) Hive Tool $6.00

1/2 lb. Smoker Fuel  $4.00

Starter beekeeper kit.
Comfortable lightweight Deluxe Bee Suit (give size above)
Alexander Veil
Cowhide Leather Gloves(give size above)
Bee Brush
Hive Tool
1/2 lb. Smoker Fuel
$180.00 or Special price with bee colony with hive or nuc. $165.00

$20.00 deposit on each kit order for pick up.

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