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Langstroth Ten lg. deep frame #1 hive. Includes, 1 lg. deep brood body box, bottom board with landing board, reducer, inner and outer covers #1 Hives painted, 10 large wood frames, plastic foundations. Outer tops are metal covered. $160.00      With screened bottom and inner cover $230.00 You must request. 

Langstroth Large deep super #1, painted assembled, 10 wood frames and plastic foundations.
$95.00 Med. supers $95.00 

Screened Inner Cover. Keep your hives well-ventilated with our Screened Inner Covers. Great for keeping your hive cool in warmer months or ventilated during transportation. Top cover is raised by ⅜" because of the two thicker sides of the screen frame. Compatible with our telescoping cover $25.00

10 Frame Varroa Screened with Drawer. This versatile, fully assembled varroa trap can be used with a standard bottom board or just a hive stand. Our drawer style (opens in back) means that you do not have to disassemble the hive to clean the trap. A replacement sticky board can be placed inside the drawer to monitor or evaluate mite loads. Remove the drawer to have a screened bottom board. $35.00

Langstroth Wood lg. deep frames with plastic foundations, assembled $5.90. 

Large deep super box #1 assembled, painted. $45.00 each Med. $45.00

Pro division Feeder With Cap & Ladder, 1 gallon $25.00. Division feeder $19.00
8 Frame Top Feeder w/Painted $60.00 10 Frame Top Feeder w/Painted $60.00 
Plastic Queen excluder,10 frame $10.00
Wood & Metal queen excluder 8 and 10 frame, $25.00.

New 2  frame extractors is an extraordinary value and the perfect size for the beginning beekeeper. They are constructed of steel with a steel shaft, honey gate and a lid. Our durable handle is made of steel and plastic. Extract 2 frames of any size at a time. $250.00 THREE 3/6 FRAME HONEY EXTRACTOR $350.00 4/8 FOUR FRAME HONEY EXTRACTOR $450.00 110V Electric 2 Two Frame Stainless Steel $450.00   Also larger electric 4/8 FOUR FRAME $550.00  

Uncapping Scratchier $9.00                                Uncapping Knife   110 volt $80.00

Cowhide skin Gloves $19.00
Small Gloves 
Medium Glove
Large Gloves 
X Large Gloves 
XX Large Gloves

Smoker 4in. X 11in. Stainless Dome Top with Guard:
 •Sturdy stainless-steel construction

Bee Brush The Bee Brush gently removes bees away from frames, supers and clothing. Its long, soft, flexible bristles will not injure or crush the bees. A must have when inspecting hives or harvesting $19.00

9" (22.86 cm) Hive Tool $14.00

1/2 lb. Smoker Fuel  $7.00 

Starter beekeeper kit.   SALE 
Economy Hooded bee Suit (give size below)
Gloves (give size above)
Bee Brush 
Hive Tool
1/2 lb. Smoker Fuel
$180.00  Special price with purchase of bees, colony with hive or nuc. $170.00  SALE $150.00 
With Vented Suit, With Veil $270.00
$30.00 deposit on Starter beekeeper kit.

Economy Hooded bee Suit and Jacket for backyard beekeepers. The lighter weight fabric of these suits will keep you cooler in hot weather while you enjoy the double layer self-supported hood. This suit is perfect for any beekeeper, 60% cotton 40% polyester blend. Suit hooded with veil $140.00     Sale $120.00   Please tell me what kind of veil you want or you may get either kind.  Jacket hooded with veil $96.00.
Vented Suit with veil $190.00   Vented Jacket with Veil $170.00
Suit Chest Measurements 
EXTRA SMALL to height 5'5"(157cm) chest: up to 34"(86cm),, inside leg up to 30"(76cm)

SMALL to height 5'6"(168cm) chest: up to 36"(91cm), inside leg up to 32"(81cm)

MEDIUM to height: up to 5'7"(170cm), chest: up to 39"(99cm), inside leg up to 33"(84cm)

LARGE to height: 5’10"(178cm), chest: up to 44"(112cm), inside leg up to 34"(86cm)

XL height: up to 6'(183cm) chest: up to 46"(117cm), inside leg up to 35"(89cm)

2XL height: up to 6'2"(188cm) chest: up to 48"(122cm), inside leg up to 35"(89cm)

3XL height: up to 6'4"(193cm) chest: up to 50"(127cm), inside leg up to 36"(91cm)

4XL height: up to 6'4”(193cm) chest: up to 52"(132cm), inside leg up to 36"(91cm)

5XL height: up to 6'4”(193cm) chest: up to 54"(137cm), inside leg up to 37"(94cm)

6XL height: up to 6'5”(196cm) chest: up to 50"(127cm), inside leg up to 38"(97cm)

7XL height: up to 6'6”(198cm) chest: up to 50"(127cm), inside leg up to 38"(97cm)

8XL height: up to 6'7”(201cm) chest: up to 50"(127cm), inside leg up to 39"(99cm)

Also larger chest size, give size ? 
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