The next bee class will be Sun. April 7th. at 1 PM. 2024 Send only a $30.00 deposit and bal. of $30.00 when you come. $60.00 each class, each person. Children under 10 are free. Children also must have a bee suit and cannot go in the hives unless they are paying. Class about 1-4 hrs. depending on how many people. We answer any questions and cover anything about beekeeping and take you hands on into the hive of bees. You will need a bee suit and gloves.
You can send only $30.00 on PayPal to for each person and the bal. at the class. 
Class at, 18 Gold Leaf Lane
New Waverly, TX. 77358
 Free information. We are getting a lot of people new to beekeeping. To assure you get what you need, please ask any questions. 
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18 Gold Leaf Lane
New Waverly, Tx. 77358
60 miles north of Houston, Texas